Born: Des Moines Iowa, April 17, 1916
Deceased: Houston, TX, June 29, 2012
Attended: Drake University and the University of Iowa
Biography of the Artist

One Woman Shows

Swiss Center Gallery, NYC . – 1975
National Art Gallery, NYC – 1979
Tosta Gallery, Coconut Grove, FL – 1983
Corridor Gallery, Summit, NJ – 1981


Group Shows (juried)

Montclair (NJ) Public Library – 1976
Summit (NJ) Art Center
     Beth Born Portrait Award – 1978
     Best in Show – 1980
     First Prize – 1982
Painters and Sculptors Society (NYC) – 1976-79
Bergen County (NJ) Artist Guild – 1980-83
Sheila Nusbaum Gallery, Millburn, NJ – 1980
Audubon Artists Annual Exhibit, NYC – 1982
Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Annual Exhibit – 1983
Lever House, NYC – 1984
National Assoc. Women Artists of America – 1987


“In her unusual portraits, Rosa Thummel tests the limits of her medium, oil paint. She applies it thickly and achieves a very smooth finish. Her portraits are sensitive pieces, abstract expressionistic in style. Especially compelling are the eyes of her subjects, individually tempered to fit the personality – worried eyes, reflective ones, blank stares. The impact the eyes make on the viewer lend an aura of immutability to Thummel’s work. Her figures exude a feeling of displacement in the modern world – and at the same time they seem to have hope. Thummel has captivated some of the human essence in her paintings and shows us to ourselves.”
New York – Arts Journal

Rosa Thummel’s paintings display a genuine feeling for the sensuous qualities of paint. Loose yet forceful in shapes and sharply contrasting colors reveal an abstract expressionistic style. Linear structures appear in her work where she introduces an element of control within which the paint remains vital and fresh, the color opulent. Representational abstracts display strong modeling and assured draftsmanship in spite of expressionistic distortions.”


The Corpus

The body of work produced by Rosa Thummel over her sixty years of active painting numbers close to 600 paintings, mostly oils and acrylics, on canvas and paper.  The average size is about 30x40 inches and about half are framed.  Approximately 150 works have been sold and the remainder are part of her legacy.  A typical series of framed acrylics on paper (30x36) are shown below:
Private Collection:
Mr. and Mrs. Neil B. Goldstein, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. M. Conran, Bloomington, IN
Dr. and Mrs. Jose Alvarez, Palm Island, FL
Mr. and Mrs. J. Huwyler, NYC
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Marquez, Coral Gables, FL
Dr. Guido L. Melliger, NJ
Mrs. Sylvia Fried, Delray Beach, FL
Dr. and Mrs. P. Tarakajian, Essex Fells, NJ
Mrs. Linda Cooper, NYC
Dr. and Mrs. Stephan Parr, Miami, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Perret, NYC
Miss Doris C. Van Akon, NY
Dr. Alice J. Ferris, NJ
Miss Laura Diaz, Venezuela
Mr. and Mrs. Kris Stockberger, Houston, TX
Dr. and Mrs. A. Giamara, Hilton Head, SC
Miss Wanda Meyer Haenssler, NYC
Dr. and Mrs. A. Timms, Basle, Switzerland
Mr. and Mrs. A. Elmquist, Panther Valley
Mr. Pierre Rhonheimer, United Nations, NYC
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tosta, Coconut Groove, FL
Mr. Brian Gage, Hopewell, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. George Ewing, Glen Ridge, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Leach, Davenport, NY
For more information: or 713-204-3564
For more information: or 713-204-3564